Just got some comments on my recent blog, “RIVER ETIQUETTE”. Lots of frustration and pessimism  in the form of “nothing we can do will make any difference”. I certainly understand that reaction but it’s totally wrong. We may not be able to dramatically change the politics, or the minds and bad habits of many fishermen, or polluting by major industries, but you shouldn’t be thinking that way anyway. It will only lead to cynicism and a feeling of frustration and impotence. Focus your energies on the people you meet and the Rivers you fish. If you can positively affect either one, only one time, you’ve made more of a difference than the frustrated dreamer who feels it’s all or nothing and, consequently, does nothing.
   A great thinker once observed: If good people do nothing, just imagine how bad things could really get but choose the battlefields you’re willing to die on. Don’t waste your feelings and energy on impossible missions. Focus on things you can change. Focus on your own back yard.    
     HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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