We were sitting around the campfire the other night swapping lies, and the topic of getting winter Steelhead flies to sink deep came up. Over the years, we tried lots of experiments, even skin diving in Rivers to observe the action of our flies. Take the usual winter fly, with it’s dense marabou and led eyes and watch it’s rate of sing as it drifts in the current. Now take a sparsely-tied fly and watch it’s rate of sink. Make your own decision. Sometimes a sparsely-tied fly does the job quicker, with less hangups and more animation. One of my favorite winter flies consists of an oversized silver Alec Jackson hook with a low-water style fly on it. The shine of the hook eliminates the need for flash material and the sparse, low water style eliminates a lot of the water resistance of a heavy, densely-tied fly. Another reason for constant experimentation and keen observation. Fishing is not only a passion but also a science where there’s always something more to discover.

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