Having been involved in all facets of fishing–commercial, sport, manufacturing, guiding, etc., the necessity for keeping things simple  made itself continually evident. If equipment was complicated, it tended to malfunction. If tackle was complicated, it detracted from the efficiency and pleasure of fishing. In Speyfishing/Flyfishing, separate reels or spools were required for dry line fishing and sunk line fishing. When floating and sinking heads were developed, the fisher only had to carry 2 heads and replace the floating head with the Skagit head/sink tipimage19 and vice versa. I am delighted with the latest development of Skagit Switch Heads because they enable the fisher to use one head to fish both a floating tip and a sinking tip thereby making the transition quick and simple and easy to do while standing waist deep in a River.   
    We recently tested these new lines on 8 wt./11 ft. and 6 wt./11 ft Switch rods. The switch heads were approximately 20 ft. long and were able to cast up to 13 ft. of T-20 sink tip as well as various MOW Floating Tips. The floating tips presented everything from a wet fly to a skated fly to a dry fly and did it quite well. In the last few trips, I’ve carried nothing but floating and sink tips and was able to fish every situation well. Our rod and line manufacturers deserve to be complimented for these developments. Sure makes fishing more pleasurable. And that is the point, after all!

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