This is the traditional hat of the Scottish Gillies that’s been around for centuries. Gillies were the River-keepers and game-keepers on the estates of Scotland. They eventually became the fishing guides of current times and are the masters of Speyfishing.

   This is the most practical fishing hat you will ever own. The front brim protects your face from the elements and shields your eyes from glare and provides a stable platform for mounting your magnifying glasses. The side brims protect your ears. And the rear brim protects your neck and keeps water from running down your collar. The chin strap keeps the hat firmly on your head in strong winds or when running the River in your boat. It also enables you to hang your hat behind you when you don’t want to wear it. We hand-make our hats from waxed cotton, which is waterproof and breathable. These hats are a tribute to the Speyfishing tradition and will mark you as a serious flyfisher. 





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