Some of us have had this discussion many times over the years. If I could only have one fly to fish for Steelhead, what would it be? If I were swinging flies, it would be some version of the Wooly Bugger. If I were dead-drifting, it would be an egg fly. However, this is not the position I find myself in so I prefer to swing interesting flies, especially Spey patterns. As a commercial tyer, I’ve tied about every traditional Steelhead/Atlantic Salmon pattern plus lots of off-the-wall stuff. After 60 years of tying flies, I still love it. Frequently, after filling a 10 dozen order, I’d have dinner and then tie a few flies before going to sleep. Fly tying is a Zen thing for me. I get lost in it and my family has remarked that there’s a Mona Lisa-like smile on my face when I’m tying. I sometimes feel like the luckiest man in the world. A wonderful family, a life of fishing, manufacturing fishing tackle for a livelihood and chasing some of the most fascinating fish in existence. Like Lane Waller once remarked, “What do people do who don’t fish”?


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